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Developing and printing (Photography)

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  1. Introduction
  2. Fixing
  3. Color and similar films
  4. Color couplers
  5. Negatives
  6. Prints and slides
  7. Conclusion

When black-and-white photography was popular, enthusiasts of this hobby generally gave the exposed films to professional studios/laboratories, but sometimes they developed and printed them at home.
This was so because photography, being a hobby, people enjoyed indulging init and took pride in showing the results of their personal endeavors.

[...] This means that all the shades and colors are reversed, and the brightest parts of the picture come out darkest and the shadows lightest. To see the picture properly, the negative must be printed. Printing is very similar to taking a picture with a camera, except that the whole darkroom acts like the camera. The lens is a special enlarger, which magnifies (enlarges) the tiny negative to the desired size. The ?film' is a sheet of white paper covered in silver bromide crystals. [...]

[...] Color and Similar Films Color films and some special black-and-white films work in a slightly different way from an ordinary black-and-white film, so need different processing. The image we finally see is not made of patterns of silver, but patterns of dye. In a color film, each of the three layers records light of a different color red, green or blue. But the layers are not colored themselves. Each crystals of silver bromide on the film are attached to a chemical device called a ?color coupler'. [...]

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