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The architecture and functioning of OCB-283: The switching node in the Alcatel 1000E

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  1. Preface
  2. Introduction
  3. Salient features of the system
  4. Main technical choices
    1. Hardware
    2. Software
  5. Exchange function architecture
    1. Suscriber access subsystem
    2. Control and connection is the block consisting
  6. Subscriber access system
    1. Connection of CSN with the exchange
    2. Centrex function
  7. Connection and control
    1. Overview of the connection
    2. Control
    3. Switching
    4. Connection of PCM links and auxiliary equipments
  8. Hardware of the connection and control subsystem
    1. Auxiliary equipment control station (SMA)
    2. Main control station (SMC)
    3. Auxiliary equipment control station (SMA)
    4. The SMA contains the following two functional units
    5. Trunk control station (SMT)
  9. Operation and maintationance
    1. Operation of the telephone application
    2. Circuit and subscriber line tests
    3. Management of fourth order cyclic redundancy code (CRC4)
    4. Frame management
    5. Operation and maintenance of the system:
  10. Service provided
  11. System applications
  12. Facilities for analogue subscribers on a fixed network (non-exhaustive list)
  13. Facilities of the digital subscibers on a fixed network
  14. Schematic representation
  15. Conclusion

This document relates to the O.C.B 283 system, switching node in the ALCATEL 1000E 10 switching system. It outlines the general architecture and operation of the O.C.B.283, both the fixed subscriber centers and the access exchange to services (G.S.M, IN). O.C.B.283 is digital switching system which supports a variety of communication needs like basic telephony, I.S.D.N., interface to mobile communication, data communication etc. The system has been developed by CIT ALCATEL of France and therefore has many similarities when compared to its predecessor, the E10B.The Alcatel 10000 E10 system provides great flexibility to serve all types of subscribers, in urban or rural areas. The shelf which accommodates subscriber line cards is known as the Concentrator and can either be co-located, in which case they, are known as Concentrators, or they can be co ?located with digital control units in which case they are known as local concentrators or at a remote location in which case they are known as remote concentrates. The CSN is connected to the exchange via standard PCM links or via matrix links (LR) if it is local. It communicates with the E10 (OCB283) using the N0 7 signaling system. If links are accidentally disconnected from their local exchange, the CSN can switch to stand alone operation, which means that calla can be setup between the subscribers connected to it.

Tags: OCB 283 exchange, OCB 283 switch,OCB 283 architecture

[...] FAC ILITIES FOR ANALOGUE SUBSCRIBERS ON A FIXED NETWORK (NON- EXHAUSTIVE LIST) Denied origination or denied termination lines only or Hot lines Charge free lines Immediate routing lines Immediate charge indication 12 to16 kHz private metering pulse Line groups(Hunting) VIP or priority lines Itemized billing Malicious call identifications(permanent or on request) Call waiting indication Last no repetition Three way conference Short code dialing Call forwarding (with or without double metering) Transfer to absent subscriber service Wake call Out going access restriction(permanent or on request) Caller's identification and confidential code and restricted service by the user FACILITIES OF THE DIGITAL SUBSCIBERS ON A FIXED NETWORK Bearer services 64 bit/s switching (CCBT) Circuit switching in the 300-400 Hz base band (CCBNT) Teleservices Group 2or Group 3 facsimile Group 4 facsimile 64kbit/s alpha photographic audio video text 64kbit/s audiography Mobile subscriber facilities Inter exchange circuits Signaling codes handled Subscriber signaling: Analogue subscribers Digital subscribers: Protocols VN 5 and ETSI FUNCTIONAL EQUIPMENTS INVOLVED IN CALL HANDLING SC: Signaling channel VC: Voice channel NEW CALL ORIGINATION TS-16 of LR 1 of CSN are signaling channels SC between CSN and the EXCHANGE equipments (PU/PE) New call message comes on Signaling channel TO PUPE CALLING SUBS. [...]

[...] The company using the Centrex function benefits from a number of advantages: It has a private dialing plan with the option of shorter numbers for calls within the company It has access to many supplementary services which can be granted to its establishments (called companies) To analogue and digital subscriber lines To operator telephone sets Operation and maintenance of the connection and switching equipment are the responsibility of the network operator. CONNECTION AND CONTROL: Overview of the connection General: The connection and control subsystem, essential part of the OCB -283, has a distributed architecture as the form of control station and software machine the communication system being of token ring type. [...]

[...] In the connection and control subsystem, there are five kinds of stations, four of them of being SM type: The main control station(SMC) The auxiliary equipment control station(SMA) The trunk control station (SMT) The matrix control station(SMX) The synchronization and time base station(STS) Main control station the station designed to support the switching station software machine comprises: A basic equipment consisting of : A main processor (PUP) with its private memory Main complex coupler (CMA) for dialogue over the interstation communication multiplexes(MIS) A common memory A variable number n to of secondary processor units. [...]

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