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Electronic computer industry

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  1. The origin of this industry
  2. The location and the sizes of firms in the industry
  3. The organizational structures
  4. The future trend of this industry

According to Standard Industrial Classification, the electronic computer industry has been classified under the four-digit code 3571, an industry of the Manufacturing Division and featuring in the major group 35 which includes Industrial and Commercial machinery and computer equipment. This industry includes companies which have operations ranging from manufacturing computers to processing programs, performing arithmetical computation and executing software programs. There are two different kinds of computers, analog computers and digital/ analog, aka hybrid computer. In addition, this industry also includes mainframe computers, microcomputers, minicomputers and personal computers (PC).

We will examine the origin of this industry, following by the location, sizes of the firms in the industry as well as the organizational structures, the development of the R&D and the future trend of this industry.

[...] To be able to differentiate themselves in a very compact and competitive market, companies have to monitor and be very responsive to meet customer needs. For these reasons, R&D is still very important in this industry. Concerning the future industry trends of this industry, this one is probably one of the most promising industries. Because of the craze of the Internet and the presence of new technology and electronics in all the common things today, the electronic computer industry is still in expansion. However, customer's needs are very flexible and this industry has to be able to [...]

[...] Concerning the structure of this industry, one can perceive segmentation by product category. The computer is not the only product crucial in this industry. It required other products such as the semiconductors and microprocessors to develop faster; the computer storage devices, to create larger memory storage; telecommunications equipment for networking and communications and so on. All these different industries have to work in tandem for the effective functioning of the electronic computer industry. We can also notice that this industry, led by private companies, couldn't exist without public support. [...]

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