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Basic skills of the petroleum geologist

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  1. Geologic cross sections
    1. Cross section elements
    2. Introduction
    3. The elements of a cross section
    4. Input data
    5. Line of section
    6. Scale
    7. Datum
    8. Exercise 1: Constructing a cross section for subsurface features
    9. Exercise 2: Constructing a cross section for present-day surface feature
    10. Exercise 3: Common sources of error in cross sections
    11. Exercise 4: Evaluations of the data
  2. Cross section in two dimensions
    1. The construction of 2 dimensional cross sections
    2. Structural cross sections
    3. Stratigraphic cross sections
    4. Correlation and geological interpretation
    5. Completing the cross section
    6. Exercise 1: The construction procedure
    7. Exercise 2: Four wells and one columnar section in northwestern Montana
    8. Exercise 3: Common sources of error in cross sections
    9. Exercise 4: Using the information to construct a structural cross section
  3. Cross section diagrams in three dimensions
    1. Fence diagrams
    2. Block diagrams
  4. Cross sections: Computer methods
    1. Computer drawn cross sections
    2. Exercise 1: The benefits of a computerized cross section
  5. Conclusion
  6. References

A cross section is a profile showing geological features in a vertical plane through the earth. Some geologists prefer the term "section" for this type of diagram, reserving "cross section" to denote a section made perpendicular to structural strike. In practice, relatively few of these diagrams can be constructed strictly perpendicular to strike. Also, the word "section" used alone could be misconstrued to mean seismic Section, columnar section, or even thin section. in petrology, a section is a lithologic sequence which can be viewed in outcrop. In paleontology, a section is an important division of a genus. On public lands, a section is a smaller division of a township. To avoid ambiguity, many geologists have come to use the term "cross section" to describe a geological profile made across the earth, i.e., along any vertical plane through the earth, regardless of its orientation to structural strike. The term "dip section" is used to indicate cross sections made perpendicular to strike. we have adopted this more general definition of "cross section" since we believe that any practical study guide should reflect the most common and current usage of terms.

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