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Evolution & sedimentary dynamic of the bay of Mont Saint-Michel

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  1. Introduction
  2. Analysis of the market for electric cars in France
  3. The psychological price
  4. The projected turnover in value and volume for the French market
  5. The power distribution network
  6. The advertising campaign
  7. Conclusion

The formation of the bay started in the Quaternary, during the alternation of the glacial period. Glacial periods are characterized by a lowering of sea level due to glaciations of the poles and at the same time rivers incise bedrock considerably. During interglacial periods, the water rises and covers the land of marine sediments. Today we are in an interglacial period (Holocene), where the bay continues to 'fill'. The first stage of the day was the study of the cliff of Champeaux which allowed us to describe the morphology of the bay and make assumptions on the spot of action of hydrodynamic processes (tides, waves ). In the second step, we went south of the cliff at Bec Andaine to note tidal effects and displays of eustatic changes in Saint-Jean-Thomaspar; the alternation of peat and sand. Finally, we discussed about the vegetation of a channel, and its evolution with short, medium and long terms. We briefly discussed the developments made by the man in the bay. In this report, we will realize, firstly the morphology and geology of the bay and especially the link with the landscape, then we will discuss the visible testimony of hydrodynamic processes, and finally we will discuss about the arrangements in Bay.

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