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Soil degradation and water pollution in Africa and what other countries have done to tackle this problem

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  1. Introduction
  2. Environmental and social factors that may aid or hinder development in Africa will also be addressed.
    1. Soil Degradation and Water Pollution in Africa
    2. Solid Degradation
    3. Water Pollution
  3. Managing Environmental Problems
  4. Soil Degradation
    1. Specific regions that are experiencing soil degradation are comprehensively identified.
    2. The specific type of soil degradation that is occurring is identified.
    3. Once the cause of soil degradation has been identified, the government must create an action plan with clearly defined goals.
    4. Plan development must be accompanied by identification of potential resources that can be utilized to carry out sustainable development change
  5. Water Pollution

In recent months, Africa has been widely mentioned in the popular press. While the focus of this media attention has been the AIDS epidemic that is occurring in the region, it is important for Westerners to understand that there are a host of other pervasive problems occurring in the region. In particular, soil degradation and water pollution have been identified as critical issues for the development of Africa. With the realization that these problems represent such a challenging problem for the development of Africa, there is a clear impetus to examine the scope of the problem and identify potential solutions. Using this as a basis for investigation, this research considers the causes of soil degradation and water pollution in Africa. In addition, this research examines what other countries and regions have done to address these issues in the past. Through a synthesis of the information, it will be possible to identify key ideas that may provide Africa with a solid framework for improving these environmental problems.
Environmental and social factors that may aid or hinder development in Africa will also be addressed.

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