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The floods and the Cevenol phenomenon

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  1. Summary.
  2. Introduction.
  3. The scene.
  4. The cevenol phenomenon.
  5. Situation in september 2002.
  6. Situation on 8 september.
  7. Lightning's impact.
  8. Consequences.
    1. Economical consequences.
    2. Environmental consequences.
  9. Risk prevention.
  10. Conclusion.
  11. Bibliography.

Floods = natural disaster. Floods = hazard for human and several animals. The Mediterranean supplies water. The Cevennes block everything. Climatic situation between 8h and 15h. Formation of cloudy cells, break up in point of V, V cells aspirate everything. Most of impacts are centered in south of France. Dispersion of exogenous species. Leaching (lessivage) of garbage dumps, agricultural plastics, chemical liquid-waste, ground erosion? Limit land consolidation (stop the destruction of hedges, talus and ditches). Limit the rain streaming (keep fields under grass in winter, scatter grass between crop). A winegrower of Gard said : "On soil under grass, the rain streaming had began on the 8th September in the evening, and on soil not under grass, it had begun in the afternoon".

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