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Genetically modified trees: A natural concern

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  1. Introduction
  2. The concept of genetically modified trees for the layman
  3. Reporters Oliver Tickell and Charles Clover of the U.K. Daily Telegraph
  4. The common man needs not only to be informed on this matter
  5. The venture as the result of powerful lobbyists within large corporations and federal authorities
  6. The greater threat to biodiversity
  7. Conclusion
  8. Bibliography

Smell the scent of flowering honeysuckle, hear the chirping of birds, and the wind in the boughs coupled with the crunch of foliage beneath the feet. The air is pristine, the sky is clear blue, and the sounds of nature are all around. A forest is timeless almost, before mankind ever existed or made written records of his experiences, the natural habitat created and supported by trees was here. They are the very backbone of ecosystems and oxygen production, yet trees have a new ethos with the advent of bioengineering, as man tampers with their genomes unnaturally. Now, visualize a world at this moment without trees; blackened skies, scarred terrain, and thinner air to breathe. This is not a prediction, simply one of the possible futures, which lie in wait for mankind should the environment's fragile balance held naturally, go awry. The paper industry's demand for increased production has spawned a ?new creature;? it is the genetically modified tree (or GM tree). A closer look at bioengineered trees and their effect on the environment shows that there is not enough data to assuage society's fears with logic and authority on protecting biodiversity. There are unknown ramifications that come hand in hand with experimenting on the genome of plants. To better understand the subject of GM trees it is necessary to know what bioengineering is and what it does, the pros and cons of altering trees and the possible effects on the future this may have

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