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Geological scandals of Africa

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  1. Introduction
  2. The reasons for the Irish "no"
    1. The context of the referendum
    2. The reasons for the rejection
  3. The ways out of the crisis
    1. How did the crisis happen?
    2. What to do now?

Traditionally attributed to authorship, the term "geological scandal" was coined by Belgian geologist, Jules Cornet in 1892, during an expedition in Katanga. It was a mining province of southern Democratic Republic of Congo. The Belgians would have then exclaimed: "Katanga geologic this scandal! The concept has since been taken to determine other African regions. Among the countries to which experts attribute this geopolitical questions label, Congo, South Africa, Guinea, Mali, Chad or Botswana are among the lot. Also, some people even consider the continent as a whole (or at least its sub-Sahara) as a "geological scandal". What is special about the African continent and how is it shared by the regions mentioned above? Do these issues refer to a "geological scandal"?

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