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Ipod, an unparalleled international success, and the forecasts?

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  1. Introduction
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  4. Instrumentalization and commodification

In this study we created a scatter plot, to study the number of MP3 players in the world, including the famous iPod manufactured by Apple. We observed that the point cloud looked like an exponential function, and we were able to use the function Ln for an exponential model (so we may estimate the number of sales of products that range in years to come). We have not taken into account factors that may affect the number of sales in the future, such as the arrival of a new competitor, or a new more interesting technology. To illustrate this course, we will use a practical example, that of the sale of MP3 players whose numbers have exploded in recent years.

Change in variable: We observe in the graph that scatter has the appearance of a linear function. Now we will try to draw the line the more "real" as possible. First we seek the midpoint G (Xg, Zg) cloud points.

Here we recognize the appearance of an exponential function. However, it is obvious that it is much easier to obtain the equation of a linear function as an exponential function. We thus use the function Ln. We obtain a new point cloud.

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