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Causes and consequences of obesity

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  1. Causes of obesity
    1. Environmental causes of obesity
    2. Psychological causes
    3. Social and cultural causes
    4. Behavioural causes of obesity
    5. Genetic factors
  2. Consequences of obesity
    1. Health Consequences of Obesity
    2. Emotional aspects of obesity
    3. Types of obesity

Obesity is a disease of excess body fat characterised by a Body Mass Index of 30 and more. Obesity is caused by simple factors like, environmental factors, psychological, social and cultural and behavioural factors. Nevertheless, there are other factors, for example, genetic causes. But the causes for sudden development of obesity remains unclear. Whose fault is it? Obesity has become a global problem. Every day, hundreds of millions people eat in fast-food restaurants. In 1970, Americans spent six billions dollars on fast-food; nowadays, they spend 110 billion dollars a year. And only a few of them order green salads. These meals are also served with half a litre of some fizzy drink. Indeed, fast-food restaurants encourage customers to buy 'super size' and 'value' meals. These eating habits can be dangerous for health and often lead to increase in weight. Fast-food chains felt responsible for the rise of obesity and recently launched advertising campaigns which encourage people to do sport and physical exercises.

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