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The Down Syndrome and Alzheimer's Disease

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I have chosen three academic journal articles and four industry journal articles.

The first couple of articles of the 'NY Times' describe the Down syndrome and Alzheimer's disease, by elaborating on their causes, symptoms, diagnostic tests, treatments, evolution of the diseases, complications and preventive measures. The third 'NY Times' article interviewed a woman whose brother suffers from Down syndrome and Alzheimer's disease. Down syndrome patients are relatively vulnerable to developing Alzheimer's disease at an early age due to the presence of the amyloid plaques in their brains.

The fourth article from the WSJ is related to the new President's program regarding these two dreaded medical conditions. Obama decided to remove limits on funding for embryonic stem cell research which could provide the answer to many diseases including diabetes and Alzheimer's.

The fifth and sixth articles from academic journals are related to the alternative way of detecting Down syndrome during pregnancy. The article about FASTER Consortium US shows how screening can be useful and risk free contrary to amniocentesis that is potentially dangerous and could lead to miscarriage. The other article provides details for future mothers on the safe but not 100% sure Nuchal Translucency screening method to detect birth defects.

The subject of the last article is the susceptibility of bacteria strains to essential oils. This survey shows how oil can be effective against strain bacteria and can be used to minimize the risk of diseases of microbial origin and prevent several pathological disorders such as Alzheimer's disease.

These articles are important because they help one to comprehensively understand the lesser known facts about Down syndrome and Alzheimer's disease, and how both diseases can be connected. It also gives advice and information regarding the prevention of birth defects. These articles also highlight how important ongoing research and technological advances in stem cell research is helping scientists and medical practitioners around the world to combat these diseases.

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