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A spiritual procedure

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  1. Introduction
  2. Analysis
  3. Description
  4. About the procedure
  5. Conclusion

The small studio apartment is cluttered with pizza boxes, cigarette butts, and ashtrays on the counters and floor. There are dishes in the sink, and numerous bottles of beer and wine on the desk. Also on the desk, next to the desktop computer, are many surgical textbooks and notebooks. Lee throws his worn backpack onto his unmade bed and proceeds to the refrigerator to grab a 40-ounce bottle of Coors Light. Lee drinks from the bottle as he walks to his tiny bathroom, which is filthy with hairs on the floors, toilet, sink, and tub. Lee lazily shuffles to the toilet, unties his scrub pants, urinates, and simultaneously drinks his beer, while staring at himself in the mirror. The look in his eyes and face is disturbing and ominous of bad events to come. Lee is accompanied by HOLLY, mid 30s, a cute, petite, Asian woman. Holly is naked and we notice an Asian symbol tattoo on her lower back ("tramp stamp"). The two of them are in bed having sex, with Holly on top doing all of the work. We see Holly's surgical scrubs and beeper lying on the dresser beside the bed, signifying that Holly is a physician as well. Also on the dresser are bottles of beer and Jack Daniels, two ashtrays, and cigarette butts.

[...] MARC Really happy to hear that, Lee. I had some concerns, but I'm glad to hear that you grew into the position. Pause in conversation. MARC (CONT'D) So, the reason I wanted you to come in today is because I wanted to share some good news with you. We here at Tampa Health Connections believe that you are healthy enough to transition back to your life in New York. Lee gives a huge, bright smile. MARC (CONT'D) Your discharge date is April 24th. [...]

[...] Lee is still on his knees. KRISTIN (amazed and excited) Oh my God! Oh my God! Lee. I can't believe this. You had this planned the whole time? LEE (smiles) Well....? (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: KRISTIN Oh... Sorry... Of course I'll marry you! Oh my God! I love you so much! 93. Lee gets up and the two hug and kiss, while the caricaturist is in the background. After some time of hugging and kissing they separate and turn to the caricaturist. [...]

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