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A comparative study of the market potential of different cardiovascular drugs in the pharmaceutical industry

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  1. Introduction
  2. Overview of Cipla
    1. History
    2. Vision and target
    3. Executive team
    4. Code of conducts
    5. Revenue distribution
    6. R&D infrastructure
  3. Milestones of Cipla
  4. Performance review
  5. Cipla in international business
    1. Global presence
    2. Strategic tie-ups
    3. Internal control system
    4. Expansion & modernization
    5. Business environment of Cipla
    6. Social responsibility
  6. Cipla's product
  7. Achievements & awards
  8. Cipla: Future outlook
  9. Valuation of Cipla
  10. SWOT analysis of Indian pharma industry
  11. SWOT analysis of Cipla
  12. Research objectives and methodology
  13. Data analysis & interpretation
  14. Suggestions & recommendations
  15. Bibliography
  16. Conclusion

A sample size of 20 hospitals and 33 chemists was chosen from the region. The survey method chosen was pharmacy to pharmacy by conducting personal interview, the data collection was extended for over 45 days and 20 pharmacy in-charge and 33 chemists were interviewed and asked questions regarding their awareness, availability, prescriptions and the sale of cardiovascular injections (containing Amiodaron and Enoxaparin) like Amiodaron (Sanofi), Tachyre (Cipla), Clexane (Aventis), LMWX (Nicholas), Flothin (Ranbaxy), Enclex (cipla) etc. and Cardiovascular medicines (containing Atorvastatin, Metoprolol, Torsemide and Telmisartan). It is found that on what doctors & hospitals would company focus. The data collected originally was on weekly basis and for the purpose of analysis of all the results on monthly basis. The research brought out the fact like the awareness level of the above brand, market coverage, market potential, sale, important hospitals and important doctors who prescribed these cardiovascular drugs. Cipla, originally founded as the Chemical, Industrial & Pharmaceutical Laboratories is a prominent Indian pharmaceutical industry, best-known outside its home country for producing low-cost anti-AIDS drugs for HIV-positive patients in developing countries. Cipla makes drugs to treat cardiovascular disease, arthritis, diabetes, weight control, depression and many other health conditions, and its products are distributed in more than 180 countries worldwide. Among the hundreds of generic medications it produces for international distribution are atorvastatin, amlopidine, fluoxetine, venlafaxine hydrochloride and metformin. The company was founded in 1935 by Khwaja Abdul Hamied, and its chairman today is Yusuf Hamied (b. 1936), the founder's eldest son. The journey began in 1973, when Cipla took the initiative to launch the 1st ?-blocker in India, Propranalol under the brand name CIPLAR. Since then, over the last 3 decades, Cipla Vitalis has continued to excel in the field of cardiovascular therapies with new innovative products & services.

[...] ORG-IMS, the largest market intelligence company in India focusing on the healthcare sector, tracks sales of Indian pharmas on a monthly basis, through over 3,000 stockiest and 6,000 doctors. ?Indian companies are increasing their share in the domestic market mainly due to increased number of high value new introductions, though the numbers of new introductions have reduced recently,? Shailesh Gadre, managing director, ORG-IMS, said in an interview last week. Cipla's growth was powered by positive growth in their existing portfolio, especially its respiratory products. [...]

[...] Research Objective My research objective is comparative study of the market potential of cardiovascular molecules in PHARMACUETICAL INDUSTRY. The molecules are Enoxaparin Amiodaron Atorvastatin Metoprolol Torsemide Telmesartan 1. To find out whether the chemist are aware about these molecules or not? 2. To find out which brand of particular molecule is being prescribed by doctors most and why? Amiodaron Systematic (IUPAC) name (2-butylbenzofuran-3-yl) [4-(2-diethylaminoethoxy) 3,5-diiodo-phenyl]- methanone (as the hydrochloride salt) Amiodarone is an antiarrhythmic agent (medication used for irregular heart beat) used for various types of tachyarrhythmias (fast forms of irregular heart beat), both ventricular and supraventricular (atrial) arrhythmias. [...]

[...] in Crore Shareholding Pattern of Cipla Revenue Distribution D infrastructure Cipla's R&D division focuses on the development of new products and new drug delivery systems across a range of therapies. The company is spending over 4 per cent of its total turnover on R&D activities. It filed 55 ANDAs during 2004-05 and received approval for 11 products from US FDA. The company supplies drugs to treat over 2 lakh HIV-positive patients worldwide. The company has also been among the major suppliers of anti- malarial drugs and drugs for schistosomiasis to international markets. [...]

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