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An Investigation in to the Effects of Poor Handwriting of Physicians

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  1. Introduction
  2. Compare and Contrast Research Processes and Nursing Judgment
  3. Evaluate a Variety of Research Designs and Approaches
  4. Describe the Basic Methods of Data Collection and Analysis
  5. Value the Ethical and Legal Considerations in the use of Human Subjects
  6. Understand how Research Findings are Disseminated
  7. Use Research Findings to Guide Practice


Shapiro (2004) notes that approximately 195,000 patients die each year as a result of medical errors. While scholars and researchers are working to address the myriad of causes that contribute to patient mortality in the healthcare setting, there is ample evidence to suggest that improving physician handwriting can have a positive impact toward reducing mortality associated with medical errors. In an effort to examine this issue, research on the impact of physician handwriting on both patient care and financial outcomes was examined. The results of the investigation demonstrated that poor physician handwriting had a detrimental impact on both the care of the patient and increased healthcare costs. For these reasons, it is recommended that programs be put in place to improve physician handwriting.Although the present study provides a more integral understanding of the challenges facing healthcare professionals in the workplace, it is important to consider the impact of this research on nursing practice. With this in mind, this brief overview considers how the research study meets the seven objectives of this course. Through a careful consideration of each objective and a critical review of the current investigation it will be possible to demonstrate how the research does indeed meet the objectives of the course and improve understanding of the issue for nursing professionals.

[...] The truth about doctors' handwriting: A prospective study. British Medical Journal 1657-1658. Bruner, A., & Kasdan, M.L. (2006). Handwriting errors: Harmful, wasteful and preventable. Kentucky Medical Association. Accessed June at: ul_and_preventable.pdf. Caine, B. (2003). The right prescription. Sybase. Accessed [...]

[...] By the same token, professionals must know where to find this information so that they can utilize it in an effort to improve the quality of care provided to the patient. Use Research Findings to Guide Practice With the realization the poor physician handwriting can impact both patient care and financial outcomes for the healthcare organization, it is evident that even if the healthcare organization is not willing to put new protocols in place to address this issue, nursing care professionals can take steps to improve care. [...]

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