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The best way to manage sex addiction

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  1. An Overview: Why the need for sex can be a problem?
  2. Analysis and Description: 'Simple Ways' to manage patients with sexual addiction.
    1. Education and good environment
    2. Married
    3. Polygamy
    4. Fasting
  3. How and what the most appropriate action? A conclusion

Basically, the need for sex is one of the basic human instincts, like eating, drinking, etc. As a basic instinct, in certain limits, the need for sex is necessary and useful for human survival - to breed and continue the lineage. A more practical purpose is to give peace, comfort or pleasure. So, the need for sex, or sexual lust is a gift, as long as it is used and distributed withing a normal, reasonable and correct framework.

The problem arises if the basic instincts of the need for sex is too strong and there is no discipline in controlling and directing it, then this may cause a person to become addicted.

So many examples abound around us, harmonious life falls apart because someone has a sexual instinct which is uncontrollable and compellingly inflicted upon others for self gratification. Sex addicts are not content to having intercourse with just a couple of partners but seek numerous partners. Obviously, in cultured society, such promiscuous sexual behavior is generally looked down upon.

[...] Someone -of course- do not feel like having sex, while his body is weak. Fasting is not only a powerful way to direct, muffle or meet but also to reduce the minimum level. People addicted to sex are strongly encouraged to do this way. And believed, if done with discipline and correct, the problem of sexual addiction will be overcome. However, if in case of all four methods are still not able to overcome the problem of sex addiction, then the the fifth way - which although very radical - must [...]

[...] It often occurs several minors to have sex because it is affected by the spectacle or the movie that he saw. Spiritual Education (religion) is the best. Education and the environment is the proper way to redirect a person's sexual behavior Married If a person is mature enough and able to support herself with a decent highly recommended for getting married. Someone bachelor established greater chances of having sex (free sex). Especially for single men. As well as appetite, feeling of hunger will be gone so get stomach needed food. [...]

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