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Bolivia: Macro Issues in Micronutrient Deficiencies

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  1. Moderate Deficiencies demand more than Moderate attention
  2. Effective Vitamins = Effective Deficiencies
  3. To ?supplify? or to fortify?
  4. Fortified Barriers to a Fortified Population
  5. Micronutrient deficiencies affect and predict the health of the Bolivian population

Bolivia experiences a level of micronutrient deficiencies strong enough to cause concern for the health and development of its population. Iron and vitamin A deficiencies affect the scope of the population, with a particularly strong toll on rural areas. These deficiencies are fundamental to health and growth, and are a major risk factor for the incidence and magnitude of most infectious, diarrheal, and respiratory diseases. Although vitamin A and iron deficiencies generate grave consequences, they can be avoided by straightforward supplementation and fortification methods. Intervening through supplementation and fortification will have a profoundly positive effect, so long as issues of cost, compliance, availability of resources and program reach are managed. Despite its logistical barriers, supplementation and fortification offer the most effective and pervasive solution for defeating micronutrient deficiencies in Bolivia.

[...] Apart from their specific and individual effects, nutritional status in general is a considerable risk factor for the incidence and severity of diarrheal, infectious, and respiratory diseases Micronutrient deficiencies increase mortality rate, reduce or impair mental capacity and development, increase risk of disease severity, and reduce the ability to be a productive member of society. The burden of micronutrient deficiencies is efficacious, representing 19% of child deaths worldwide Poor nutritional status is the single greatest risk factor for disease burden, and has a negative impact on almost every significant aspect of a developing country Specifically, vitamin A and iron deficiencies have poignant bodily consequences. [...]

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