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Childbirth booth camp : natural childbirth and care

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  1. Summary of the Childbirth class and Childbirth educator
  2. What the expectant mothers should know

A childbirth boot camp offers information and knowledge on natural childbirth as well as other topics related with childbirth and care. These camps are mainly designed for educational purposes. This paper provides an examination of current trends in Childbirth Education. In this regard, the principle of critical thinking, research as well as evidence based practices are used in an effort to generate a meaningful teaching plan for childbearing families.

[...] Linn, J. G., Wilson, D. R., & Fako, T. (2012). The Implications of Changing Family Structure for Childbirth and Childbirth Education. International Journal of Childbirth Education, 19-26. Linn, J. G., Wilson, D. R., & Fako, T. T. (2015). Historical Role of the Father: Implications for Childbirth Education. International Journal of Childbirth Education, 12-18. [...]

[...] In the class, topics relating to pregnancy and childbirth were taught. Discussions on the same were conducted with the aim of equipping first time expectant mothers and their partners with knowledge and information on how to handle childbirth. The class constituted various practices. Comfort was ensured to allow healthy stay and learning especially given the much time allocated for all the lessons. The majority of the learners were Caucasian couples with the exception of one African American couple in the classroom. [...]

[...] You should not avoid foods thought to have adverse effects like protein and calorie supplements. Generally, most of the food supplements are good. You can take aspirin to reduce the risk of acquiring the disorder. Generally, physical activities are good for a health body, and the same applied in the attempt to prevent preeclampsia. Pregnant women should stop smoking, which is also generally unhealthy. For graphical details, the figure below shows some of the common signs and symptoms that a pregnant woman can use to determine whether they have the disorder and possible management technics. [...]

[...] This was also tackled in the topic of pregnancy anatomy. It was found out that the body undergoes amazing adjustments to support the growing baby. Mrs. Antunes also taught about pregnancy and the labor. She claimed that one should understand the physical and emotional factors for pain associated with pregnancy and childbirth because the process comes with great pain and emotions which women need to endure (Linn, Wilson, & Fako, 2012). Physical labor pain may be caused by muscle straining and cramps. [...]

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