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Color-blindness: sight without color

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Following his surgery and a cardiac arrest, the painter Jonathan regained his home base. He was on the doorstep, greeted by the barking of his dog, Rover. His brown hair had turned dark gray. While stroking his dog, Jonathan entered his sweet home with furniture, walls, floors, and ceilings that seemed to have been passed to the bleach. Everything was gray. To see more clearly, he used tomato juice. A black liquid was flowing out of the juice bottle. He wondered if there have been a rash during his absence, and if everything covered with ashes. He turned on his television and saw a picture of a jumble of color. Soon, Jonathan was in the terrible facts: he saw the world like a movie of the 1930s. Even his paintings were reduced to clusters of gray, white and black. He sensed his eyes to be intact, including the "cones" that can see color. Some cells respond to color, located in V1 area of the brain. It is also in the gray matter that crashed. Closing his eyes, Jonathan hoped to at least find the colored sensations into thoughts. The view is probably the most developed sense in humans. The color, shape, texture, distance and movement cannot be matched by a robot or even the most sophisticated equipment in the world that can accomplish in minutes what the human eye and brain perform in a few tenths of seconds. So when the vision is derailed, the whole life will change: the wonderful gift of nature can be changed or deleted. This is what happened in the case of Jonathan and for about 150,000 people on earth: their world is totally deprived of colors.

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