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Comet Halley

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Earth, the planet we live on, rotates around the sun in 365 days and 6 hours. However, this period of revolution is not the same for all the heavenly bodies in the solar system. Thus it may be several tens of years for comets, as in the case of Halley's Comet (name it is the astronomer Edmond Halley, who discovered in the eighteenth), which periodically returns every 76 years. Why is it, that two bodies that orbit the sun may have different rotational periods? Why does the comet take76 years? We will first look at the first two of Kepler's laws, in order to know the path of the comet in the solar system, then try to calculate the revolution period of Comet Halley by the third law of Kepler, and finally we will see if it spends a very long time in our solar system.

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