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Dangers of mobile phones

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The mobile phone is a device that is now part of the lives of people in Western countries. For instance, in 2007, five out of six people in France had a mobile phone. This statistics is similar in other European countries as well. These phones operate with waves emitted by phone masts. The question of a possible danger of these phones has started to spread in the early 1990s, when it began to sell in large quantities. However, the dangers of using mobile phones and the inherent risk have long been regarded as a rumor spread by people with fear of progress or fighting against it. But the rumors grew more and were supported by various facts. There have been simultaneous occurrences of multiple cancers in establishments near a base station. One may wonder if it is a mere coincidence or if the waves were a real danger to humans. Scientists have therefore addressed the question and given multiple answers which might be contradictory as well. It seems impossible to decide between the two. Science is now able to define precisely the dangers of mobile phone for humans. This is the problem which we will try to answer. We will see in the first part about the different studies on this subject (official and independent studies), and in a second part, we will study the various factors that could explain these contradictions (the lack of distance and money involved).

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