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Dental informatics

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  1. The unwillingness to implement computer systems into dental practices
  2. The benefits of the softwares for the field of dentistry
  3. The lack of integration

Dental Informatics is a relatively new field which has gained popularity in proportion to the increasing use of computer systems in dental practices. Sittig, Mirshner, and Maupome define dental informatics as "Application of computer and information science to improve dental practice, research and program administration". With the proper implementation of dental informatics, it becomes possible to make dental practitioners more efficient, more effective, more knowledgeable, and more able to provide superior patient care.

[...] Nearly one-quarter of respondents spent no time at all on a computer for work-related issues. Fifteen percent used a computer for one hour per week for two hours, and for ten hours, and for 20 hours per week.?[4] In addition to this, Schleyer suggests that even those dentists who do have computer systems in their office do not use them to their full potential. He tells us, from example, that despite the fact that about 90% of dental offices in the U.S. [...]

[...] Once the challenges to implement these systems are overcome, everyone will be reaping the benefits, and there will be a significant improvement in patient care. It is therefore crucial that dentists invest in informatics and dedicate themselves to using computer programs that will be very beneficial for their practice and for their patients. References Anderson, L. Hurston. (2004). ?Integrated Office Technology: How Technology Can Help Improve Office Efficiency.? American Dental Association, vol 18-22. D.F. Sittig, M. Kirshner, & G. Maupome. (2003). ?Grand Challenges in Dental Informatics.? Adv Dent Res, vol. [...]

[...] Schleyer, T.K. (2003). ?Dental Informatics: An Emerging Biomedical Informatics Discipline.? Adv Dent Res, vol. 17: 6. Schleyer, T.K. (2003). ?Dental Informatics: A Work in Progress.? Adv Dent Res, vol. 17: 10. Gibson, J., K. Jack, J. Rennie. (2006). [...]

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