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Development and Implementation of Electronic Medical Records System

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  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction
  3. Nursing Informatics?An Overview
  4. Electronic Medical Records Systems
  5. Application of Research to Nursing Practice
  6. Conclusion


In recent years, nursing practice has been notably impacted by the development of computer technology. As a result the practice of nursing informatics has increased drastically. One of the most notable technologies to develop in this area has been the electronic medical records (ERM) system. The overall benefits and utility that can be garnered through the use of the ERM system has made it a focus for national healthcare development. Despite the benefits of this technology, scholars have noted some daunting drawbacks. This investigation reviews the benefits and drawbacks of ERM systems. Further, it considers the application of these systems to nursing practice and how nurses can facilitate successful development and implementation of electronic medical record systems.

[...] In addition to helping with the planning and design on the EMR system, the nursing professional can also help with implementation of the system. Specifically, nursing professionals can collect data on how patient information is used in the organization. Using this information, recommendations for protecting patient privacy and maintaining confidentiality can be addressed. In particular, the nursing professional will be able to recommend the specific security measures that can be used to protect patient information. Further, the professional may also be able to make pertinent recommendations about where computers should be located in the organization and who should have access to what information. [...]

[...] Conclusion Arguably, the development and implementation of an electronic medical records system carries with it a host of benefits for the organization. Increased efficiency, the ability to reduce medical errors and the provision of quality healthcare are all viewed as positive outcomes for both healthcare professionals and organizations. Despite these benefits however, it is evident that there are a number of problems that can impede the overall efficiency and integrity of the EMR system. Costs and security issues are two significant challenges that loom pervasively over the development of these systems in healthcare organizations. [...]

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