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Earth and solar energy

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From prehistoric times our ancestors were well aware that life on Earth was closely linked to the Sun. This explains why this star has been deified in most civilizations. The sun scatters an enormous amount of energy into space, some of which the Earth receives.

In this document we will see how this energy is distributed over the terrestrial sphere, determining both the climates and seasons on which living things depend. The Sun is composed primarily of hydrogen and helium, which are the simplest chemical elements, and its dimensions are such that there is enormous pressure at its center and a temperature of approximately fifteen million degrees. Under these conditions, it produces thermonuclear fusion reactions. The hydrogen atoms fuse to form helium atoms, which is accompanied by a huge release of energy (10 kW / g of hydrogen into helium).

The energy produced in the heart of the Sun is discharged to the surface by convection currents. It then emerges into space in the form of magnetic radiation in a wide range of wavelengths.

Tags: Earth, Sun, solar energy, hydrogen atoms, helium atoms

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