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Epidemiological Profile: Cervical Cancer in Haiti

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  1. Epidemiological Description
  2. Epidemiological Measurement
  3. Graphical Presentation
  4. Risk factors
  5. Attributable risk percentages for risk factors
  6. Population Attributable Risk and Interpretation:
    1. Multiple sex partners
    2. High-parity

Cervical cancer takes a pervasive yet insidious toll on the lives of women. Haitian women in particular are dramatically affected by death and disability induced by cervical cancer. Yet the characteristics and natural history of cervical cancer are not unknown, making the only mysterious aspect of cervical cancer its pronounced and debilitating occurrence among women both in Haiti and the world.
Cervical cancer occurs in the cell walls that line the cervix. As cells change, they can develop into precancerous cells, appearing as lesions. These cells may eventually become cancerous (about 50% of precancerous cells become cancerous) (11). The critical stages of cervical cell development exhibit no symptoms, and cancerous warts or lesions are usually flat and nearly invisible, making cervical cancer extremely undetectable unless tested for.

[...] Haiti has a 1:7 incidence-to- mortality rate, by far the lowest in the entire LAC region, which suffers over 471,000 DALYs lost to cervical cancer alone (11). Since cervical cancer has such a short time plan from diagnosis to death (especially when taking into account late case presentation), prevalence tends to be a difficult indicator to measure. Yet due to HPV's strong correlation to cervical cancer, the prevalence of HPV infection can be reflective of cervical cancer's potential prevalence of cervical cancer cases contain HPV DNA, in particular HPV- and 45. [...]

[...] ?Risk factors of invasive cervical cancer in Mali.? International Journal of Epidemiology. International Epidemiology Association. Great Britain: 2002. Iss 31, pg 202-209. Burger, Robert A., et. al. ?Single-visit program for cervical cancer prevention in a high-risk population.? Obstetrics and Gyneocology. University of California, Irvine: Oct 1995. Vol 86, No Part pg 491- 497. Camara, Geni NL, et. al. ?Prevalence of human papillomavirus types in women with pre-neoplastic and neoplastic lesions in the federal district of Brazil.? Mem Inst Oswaldo Cruz. [...]

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