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  1. Introduction
  2. Commom causes
  3. Chronic Gastritis
  4. Diagnosis
  5. Treatment
  6. Prevention
  7. Conclusions

The stomach is a type of storage facility that receives all the things we ingest. Internally, it is lined by the mucosa, a pink layer similar to the one that we have in our mouth. Gastritis is a inflammation of the gastric mucosa, it can have different meanings and be understood by different ways. The public, frequently, uses the term gastritis as a complaint, representing some discomforts related with the digestive system.

[...] In acute gastritis in the other hand, when complaints exist, they are varied: Burn in the abdomen Pirosis loss of the appetite nauseas and vomits digestive bleeding, in the complicated cases, demonstrated by evacuation of black excrements (melena) and/or vomits with blood (hematemesis). The associated deficiency in absorption of B12 Vitamin and folic acid, can lead to anemia revealed by: Weakness heat in the tongue (glossitis) Diarrhea in rare cases, neurological alterations involving memory, orientation and coherence, related are related to atrophic gastritis. [...]

[...] Its known that the bacteria Helicobacter pylori can determine a chronic gastritis state. In atrophic chronic gastritis, situation where there are very diminish cells of the mucosa of the stomach, there is a considerable reduction in the acid production, which is important for the ?sterilization? of what we ingest and for the digestion of foods. For times, bile unloaded by the liver in the initial portion of the small intestine (called duodenum), flows back in the stomach, causing chronic inflammation. These factors, acting separately or in set, can determine a chronic gastritis state. [...]

[...] Avoiding abusive use of alcoholic beverages and tobacco smoking. Controversies remain regarding on how the ingestion of coffee and black tea influence gastritis arousal, therefore its consumption depends on individual tolerance. The improvement of sanitary conditions, treatment of water used for domestic consumption, personal hygiene (washing the hands before touching foods), adequate care in preparation and conservation of foods, help to significantly decrease the number of victims of alimentary infections (gastroenteritis). Conclusions The stomach is a type of storage facility that receives all the things we ingest. [...]

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