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  1. Introduction
  2. Description of glaucoma
  3. How it affects
  4. People who are at greater risk from glaucoma
  5. Treatment
  6. Conclusion
  7. Bibliography

Glaucoma is an alteration where the pressure of the liquid that fills the ocular globe abnormally increases, beyond the eye can tolerate. When this pressure, called intra-ocular tension, is bigger than the normal one, the risk of damages to the eyes increases. Glaucoma is caused by the accumulation of the liquid, called watery mood, that circulates in the interior of the eye.

[...] Medicine according to used, the dosage can vary from a single drop until several drops daily. In some cases a more than one kind is prescribed. Some simple rules must be followed by the carrier of glaucoma: * To use the medicine in accordance with the instructions of the doctor; * If he will travel, not to forget to take an adequate amount of the medicine. To remember that glaucoma is controlled using the medicine with regularity; * As glaucoma can be hereditary, recommend to all the adults of the family so that they make a periodic ophtalmologic examination; * To make Visual field of 6/6 months, and the study of papila annually. [...]

[...] Some patients will be able to feel come minor symptoms, that are important acknowledgments that a complete ocular examination is necessary. These symptoms can understand the necessity to frequently changing the graduation of the eyeglasses, difficulty to adapt in blackness, loss of the lateral vision and blurred vision. In rare cases, it can have other symptoms as colorful halus appearance around lights and chronic headache or ocular pain, some times intense. Glaucoma is diagnosised by means of a careful ocular examination carried through by the ophthalmologist, a simple and painless procedure to measure the intra-ocular pressure called Tonometry, and by the examinations of Fundoscopy, Visual field and study of papilas of the optic nerve. The risk of carrying glaucoma increases with the age. [...]

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