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Peruvian Encounters with Unsafe Abortions

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  1. Consequences of unsafe abortion:
  2. Vision for unsafe abortions:
  3. Current outlook in Peru:
  4. Framework for change:
  5. Complications:

For the women of Peru, obtaining an abortion is an incredibly risky and life-threatening affair. The unsafe techniques and lack of proper care translate into a substantial amount of maternal morbidity and mortality. Considering that the technology for safe abortions is widely available, Peru should recognize that unsafe abortion consequences are unnecessary, and work to improve the quality of abortion services, post-abortion care, and contraceptive accessibility. Through raising awareness and validating the presence of abortion, Peru can stress the importance of having high standards in abortion care. Contraceptives also have a huge influence on the quantity of abortions that are even needed. Peru faces challenges in combating unsafe abortions, yet the benefits of their efforts will greatly improve their quality of medical, economic, and social life.

[...] The best avenue though for attacking unsafe abortions is through contraceptives. Broadening contraceptive usage drastically prevents the need for abortion. In Russia for example, when modern contraceptive use increased by abortion rates decreased by 61% Contraceptives need to be available in hospital wards, medical clinics, and every other appropriate public source. Medical personnel should be responsible for enhancing contraceptive knowledge among their patients, and adolescent reproductive counseling in schools (with an emphasis on peer education) should also be employed. Most women who undergo unsafe abortions already have two children, yet their unmet contraceptive needs lead them to undesired pregnancies. [...]

[...] Unsafe abortions are a serious issue for Peru, yet if dealt with strategically, unsafe abortions will dissolve to no issue at all. Endnotes: Wulf, Diedre and Singh, Susheela. Overview of Clandestine Abortion in Latin America.? The Alan Guttmacher Institute. Washington, D.C.: Oct 2004. . Ahman, Elizabeth and Shah, Iqbal. ?Unsafe Abortions: Global and Regional Estimates of Incidence of Unsafe Abortions and Associated Mortality in 2000.? 4th ed. World Health Organization. Geneva: Oct 2004. . Ahman, Elizabeth and Shah, Iqbal. [...]

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