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Stress management for ministers and church leaders

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  1. Introduction.
  2. The methods employed to confront and overcome stress.
  3. Stress can be double edged.
  4. The apostle Paul - his management of stress in God's work.
  5. The world has yet to experience the most incomparable stress.
  6. People cause stress.
  7. Truth is inconvenient - creates enimies inside the church.
  8. A good verbal release.
  9. Looking around at churches and God's people.
  10. All ministers face stress daily.

We are all familiar with the little word ?stress.? What is stress? Stress is actually normal for an individual to experience since stress can act positively to motivate us to do things. The adrenaline rush keeps us alive and excited. Stress is present in everyday life; in fact, the sources of stress are varied. For example, worrying so much about the future can cause stress as well as too much work .The effects of stress can be either fatal (e.g. high blood pressure, depression, ulcers, etc.) or fantastic (e.g. cramming in making a paper to beat a deadline; this one can inspire someone in a moment's notice). It is up to the individual to learn how to harness its benefits and to avoid its risks (Hanson, 1998).

[...] Learning how to handle or manage stress is necessary especially for ministers/pastors and church leaders who oversee God's flock. Ministry is composed of people and people give stress since organizations always have conflict due to human nature. The key then to manage and thrive under stress is having control. Controlling your stress level is crucial to functioning and surviving well in the ministry. No pastor can control people eventually, but he can manage and control his stress level and responses. [...]

[...] A pastor or any person for that matter who had a good night's sleep not only looks good, but feels good and is good to others. Angelic help (vv. 5-8). Angels are ministering spirits and God sends them to help His people in certain times and on certain occasions. The presence of angels could help relieve stress. Jesus Himself received help from angels during one of His lowest moments (Mt. 4:11). That some have entertained angels unawares is not only mentioned in Scripture (Heb. [...]

[...] Knowing God who He is and what He is can greatly alleviate our stress level. It was J. I. Packer who said, ?that ignorance of God ignorance both of his ways and of the practice of communion with him lies at the root of much of the church's weakness today? (Packer, 1972). No doubt, weak churches and weak ministers are overwhelmed with stress. Stress in ministry could as well be a force to be reckoned with in today's churches and ministers. [...]

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