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The acupuncture

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  1. History and Origins
    1. The first imprint of the Chinese acupuncture
    2. Origins
  2. Treatment
    1. Theory traditional of the Chinese acupuncture
    2. The scientific development

Acupuncture is derived from the Latin word acus, meaning "needle" and pungere, meaning "prick". In Chinese, acupuncture is called ZhenJui (Zhen means the insertion of needles on the specific points on the human body and Jui means the usage of the heat create while the artemisia (aromatic grass) is burning). The traditional acupuncture is a therapeutic art that set its diagnostic and therapeutic analysis on an energetic sight called Taoism of the Man and of the universe. It is an Asian therapy. The principal characteristic is a treatment by needles implantation into different and specific points on the body that is called meridian. It involves stimulation of some energetic circuits of the body to erase the imbalances that cause the medical problems. In fact, the acupunctural treatment consists in the re-establishment of the balance on one hand between different organs of the human body and on the other hand between the organism and the environment.

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