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The commercialization of the Medical Profession

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  1. Introduction
  2. Pharmaceutical companies: Leading contributor to the rising cost of medicine
  3. Receiving patents on drugs in the US
  4. A reverse approach to medicine: Canada, Norway, Great Britain, Japan and Cuba
  5. The use of a bipartisan system
  6. Conclusion
  7. Works cited

With injuries happening daily it is no wonder that the medical field is constantly growing and evolving. This field has actively changed since its early incarnation during the Roman Era in which medicine was based on theory not science (Greig 41). With practices based on theory the profession was bound to change. It was more or less forced to change. The medical profession has switched its focus from a people-centric profession to a profit driven industry at the cost of the patient's health and wallet.

[...] This would allow for free production research and sale of drugs and equipment greatly decreasing the cost of almost every medical procedure. Legislation must also be passed disallowing clinics, hospitals and practitioners from exclusivity contracts with insurance or pharmaceutical companies. This guarantees stable and consistent care amongst all patients. Finally, legislation must be passed that standardizes and sets prices for procedures. With the current system the government has provided suggested prices through their procedure code system. However, this does not guarantee a price for service. [...]

[...] Our nation will also find itself with a lack of governmental support. While the problem seems to be large now, it can and will continue to escalate until it becomes unbearable. With this in mind it should be noted that the people will stop supporting a government that doesn't reform medical policy to make it accessible. With the medical profession switching its focus from a people-centric profession to a profit driven industry, the patient's quality of healthcare has greatly decreased along with their ability to pay. If change can be [...]

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