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Why does nursing care differ for patients who suffer from dementia?

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Dementia is one of the most difficult symptoms for patients to cope with. There are three main forms of dementia. The most common cause, Alzheimer's disease, is responsible for dementia. It afflicts 4 million Americans (Dolhi and Rogers, 2001). It is a degenerative disease that affects the brain and is caused by changes in structure and functionality of the beta-amyloid and tau proteins.

[...] Challenges for professional care of advanced dementia. International Journal of Nursing Practice 41- Dolhi, C. & Rogers. J. (2001). Dementia, Nutrition, and Self-Feeding: A Systematic Review of Literature. The Haworth Press, Inc Jones, J. et al. (2006). Dementia related aggression in acute sector: Is Code Black really the answer? Contemporary Nurse 103- Malloy, D and Hajjistavropoulos, T. (2004). [...]

[...] Nurses must be trained to understand the manifestations of the disease, to capture the necessary information during assessment, to properly care for dementia patients and improve their quality of live, and to educate caregivers so that they can fully contribute to the process. Nurses should follow an action plan designed to decrease patient care strain on nurses and to increase functionality in dementia patients. The steps of the action plan are: Interact with family members of dementia patients to obtain patient history. Recognize patient discomfort as exhibited by dementia patients and administer suitable pain management. Individualize patient care in accordance with best practices guidelines. [...]

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