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Fetal alcohol syndrome: How a mother can kill her child?

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  1. Abstract.
  2. Introduction / Thesis.
  3. Literature review.
  4. Significant statistics and causes.
  5. Symptoms.
  6. Long-lasting effects.
  7. Prevention.
  8. Screening & Diagnosis.
  9. Treatment.
  10. Conclusion.

A pregnant woman is at risk of many health problems especially because she is actually having two lives to take care of, herself and the unborn child inside her. This is the reason that a woman should be extra careful in all the activities she engage in, in order to protect both herself and the baby. However, at times, a woman can be very careless an irresponsible of her body that she still resort to vices such as drinking alcoholic beverages even if by conventional wisdom, she should know that this may be harmful not just to herself but more to her child. As a result of the mother's irresponsibility, it is the child who bears the greatest weight. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) ?is a set of physical and mental birth defects that can result when a woman drinks alcohol during her pregnancy? (National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome [NOFAS], 2004).

[...] This article provides a brief outline of the pertinent facts about Fetal Alcohol syndrome. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Family Resource Institute. (2007). Symptoms. Retrieved May from This article explores on the different behavioral symptoms of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and gives illustrations on each of the symptoms. Mayo Clinic (2007). Fetal alcohol syndrome. Retrieved May from This site probed on the different facets of Fetal Alcohol syndrome which include the signs and symptoms to watch out for, risk factors, screening and diagnosis, etc. [...]

[...] Prevention With the information presented, there is only one way to prevent Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, that is, for a woman drink alcohol while she is pregnant or could become pregnant? (CDC, 2006). This is for the reason that amount of drinking during pregnancy is believed to have adverse effects on fetal development? (ADA). Further, ?there is no known safe amount of alcohol, nor a safe time, that a woman can drink while pregnant? (ADA). Women process alcohol differently? (Nicholson, 2005). [...]

[...] Therefore, a common result is mental retardation , which can usually range from mild to moderate. However, mental retardation can also be severe leading to learning disabilities and difficulties, lack of imagination and curiosity and short attention span. In addition to this, physical deformities also result to poor body, hand, and finger coordination (ADA). Furthermore, it is also noteworthy to bear in mind that ?symptoms are not usually visible? (FAS Community Resource Center, 2004). As the child grows, more symptoms may surface which include mood swings, defensiveness and stubbornness, lack of self-discipline and genuine innocence and detached attitude (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome [FAS] Family Resource Institute, 2007). [...]

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