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Stem cell research: The immorality of immortality

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  1. Introduction.
  2. The Promise of Stem Cell Research.
  3. The Stand of Science and Medicine.
  4. Legal Challenges Behind the Debate.
  5. Rebuttal: What Christianity Has to Say.
  6. Conclusion.

Since time immemorial, even before the emergence of scientific proofs, man has probably always believed that we are the highest form of creature existing in this planet, and perhaps even in the entire universe. Apart from the capacity to perform things that other organisms cannot, biologically speaking, we remain the highest form in the way our different body parts, up to the single cell in our body, are specialized to perform certain functions. More so, humans are capable of higher cognitive thinking as proven by the huge body of knowledge that science has become. Perhaps at some point, we started think that we literally conquer everything until we remember that there is actually someone who is a lot bigger than us, who is the true master of all these sophistication and who created the highest form of creature, the Supreme Being. Realization of how small we really are only strikes when we are unable to defeat our greatest limitation, death. And as people are nearing it, death becomes greatly feared. For some, it is an ugly reality yet it is completely inevitable ? but is it? In the desire to maintain to eradicate sickness and to eventually conquer death, science has, one again, intervened. If only humans can live forever, away from the possibility of deterioration that old age can bring, then the world will be filled with individuals in their best health conditions, worry-free of the perils of sickness and diseases.

[...] This paper provides a profound overview on the stem cell research in order to establish the grounds of argument. Moreover, it presents two sides of the coin, the viewpoint of the Church as contrasted to the stand of science and medicine. Alongside to these are the legal challenges and the ethical issues that this debate is faced to. At the end of this paper, the author makes a stand in opposition to the matter hand for the belief that the stem cell research is completely unethical because it alters the nature of humankind and meddles with the divine plan, which God himself has already created. [...]

[...] The Stand of Science and Medicine Being a product of it, the adherence of science and medicine to the stem cell research is already a given. Above anything else, science claims that such research is primarily aimed in the preservation of life, giving hope to the thousands hopeless sick individuals out there who are capable of recovering if only appropriate treatment will be made available. In other words, science claims that the stem cell researches are there to serve noble purposes. [...]

[...] However, with this, individuals who are pioneering certain movements, for instance, the stem cell research, have been endeavoring to put their reasoning in line with the stand of the church. Despite this, D'Souza has voiced out his concern that some Christians today are just living in what he called the ?gospel of the two truths?. Ibid., xiv To quote, he said, ?there is religious truth, reserved for Sundays and days of worship, and there is secular truth, which applies the rest of the time?. [...]

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