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A critical analysis of a health promotion initiative

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  1. Introduction
  2. Research and objectives for issues involving alcohol abuse
  3. Identifying needs and priorities
  4. Setting aims and objectives
  5. Deciding the best way of achieving the aims
  6. Clients participating in the group at an earlier stage
  7. Identifying resources
  8. Plan evaluation methods
  9. Action plan
  10. Bibliography

One of the fundamental roles of the nurse is the promotion and maintenance of health as declared by the Vienna Declaration on nursing (1988) and cited in Salvage (1993). This reflective account, will discuss the presentation of a health promotion initiative by a third year mental health nursing student. The paper will highlight the effectiveness efficiency and economy of the health promotion and be critical in its evaluation. It follows a reflective model as described in the Gibbs model (1988), cited in Burns and Bulman (2000). The National Service Frame Work for Mental Health Department of Health standard one, (1999) declares that the health and social services should promote mental health for all, working with individuals and communities.

[...] This ensured that the message was being absorbed and enhanced the economy of the initiative. This initiative could be used for clients on different stages of the cycle but would require additional and more specific reasons to adopt a change in behavior at its onset. Clients participating in the group at an earlier stage would need a clear understanding of the process of change. I believe that I chose the best approach by using this method, but would have benefited by not being so structured. [...]

[...] National Service Framework (1999) retrieved from PolicyAndGuidance/PublicationsPAmpGBrowsableDocument/fs/en?CONTENT_ID=40 96400&MULTIPAGE_ID=4897881&chk=AJL3PI on 12th Oct 2005. National Treatment Agency (2005) Models of care for alcohol misusers.Retrieved from: on 24th November 2005. Nursing and Midwifery Council. (2002). Code of professional conduct: Protecting the public through professional standards. London: NMC. National Health Services (2005) retrieved on the 28th November 2005 from Prime Ministers Statergy Unit (2004) Alcohol Harm Reduction Statergy for England.London.PMSU Prochaska JO, DiClemente CC, Norcross JC.(1992) In search of how people change. Am Psychol; 47:1102-4. Road Safty Act [...]

[...] the area of the North West of England, as being the highest regions in United Kingdom with people in England with an Alcohol use disorder at almost The health promotion initiative reflected here met all these identified issues and was conducted in a specialist Alcohol Clinic based in the North West of England and used service users already committed to an intensive programme of education and support, based around their drinking experiences. A clearer education of the effects of dissipation rates and the calculation used to determine alcoholic units will provide the service user with a better informed choice regarding their drinking habits, and potential further harm to their health. [...]

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