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A journey to heal

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  1. Introduction
  2. The experiences of Tayo
  3. Tayo's experience with conventional medicine
  4. Native American heritage
  5. The ceremony Ku'oosh
  6. Rainey's view
  7. Conclusion
  8. Works cited

Conventional Western medicine defines health as the absence of disease. This is generally what is sought by most people when they turn to traditional doctors, technology, and pharmaceuticals. For many, however, this solution will never provide complete healing, as the physical absence of disease doesn't address the critical components of mental and social well-being.

[...] She did not understand the Judaeo Christian model of God and the theory that evil was somehow part of that model's universal plan to test and better us. She couldn't understand this conventional God who had taken her daughter from her and was now taking her father. At the end of the play Rainey stated People. That's all we have in this world really isn't indicating that she had not lost hope and that she understood that despite all that had happened to her there were still others left who could benefit from her help and understanding (Sears 117). [...]

[...] As the play progressed Rainey slowly began a spiritual journey of her own, wherein she began to appreciate, with the help of her father and his cronies and her estranged spouse Michael, the importance of faith. It is somewhat ironic that Rainey achieved healing through this connection with faith as Michael had renounced it although he still maintained an understanding of the good that could be achieved through the work of the Church. Rainey began to understand the importance of her father's journey as she came to acquire and appreciate the faith that sustained her ancestors through the years of slavery and the Civil Rights Movement. [...]

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