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A novel antibiotic drug delivery mechanism

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  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction
  3. Discussion on domain insertion technique in creating molecular switches
  4. Targeted antibiotic drug delivery
  5. Conclusion
  6. References

On the most basic level, protein engineering entails changing an existing protein sequence for a new purpose.1 Although a rather young field, the last decade has seen a giant leap in the understanding of protein structure and function. The advent of DNA shuffling in 1994, for example, has led to increased activity, thermodynamic stability, and folding in certain enzymes.2 Despite great advances in improving the activities of certain proteins, engineering proteins with new biomolecular functions has largely remained beyond scientists' capabilities.Two approaches towards protein engineering have been applied, consisting of both rational and evolutionary engineering designs.3 The former generally necessitates an extensive knowledge of the protein's structure, active site, mechanism and co-factors in order to reach a desired goal. These techniques have predictably had much difficulty in creating proteins with new functions. Evolutionary approaches, however, seem to be the future of protein engineering. These methods consist of using nature's principle of creating diversity through mutations and then designing selection methods to find proteins with a desired function.

[...] 869- Ostermeier, M. Molecular Switches. Retrieved May from Ostermeier, M. Applied Molecular Evolution Abstract. Retrieved May from Ostermeier.pdf Ostermeier, M. Lecture. March Sneiderman Sneiderman Ostermeier, M. Lecture. March Ostermeier, M. et al. (1999) A combinatorial approach to hybrid enzymes independent of DNA homology. Nat Biotechnol [...]

[...] If successful, however, it could have widespread implications for not only antibiotic delivery but for any directed drug delivery system to an ?infected? cell, whether it is bacterial, viral or cancerous. Ostermeier's molecular switch technology is a monumental achievement because it allows scientists to use pre-existing proteins for new bio-molecular functions. The successful creation of molecular switches, phenomena widely used by nature, serves as a vital stepping-stone in the progress of protein engineering and has placed Ostermeier at the forefront of the field's leading researchers. [...]

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