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A reflection on one student's preparation to transition from student nurse to graduate nurse

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  1. Philosophy
  2. Health care delivery system
  3. Current practice issues or challanges
  4. Ethical and legal issues
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This author's personal philosophy of nursing draws from a variety of sources to form a comprehensive whole. Feminist ethics, and the ethics of care which derives from it, encourages health care professionals to look at clients as whole people, who fit into a social framework, and who have stories to tell that are important to both the client and to their social community (Potter & Perry, 2009). This school of ethical thought encourages health care workers to recognize the validity of each of these stories ? that people truly are individuals, and that their experiences, and thus the care that they receive, may rightfully be very different from the experiences of others with the same apparent medical condition. Put in plain terms, two patients admitted to an acute care facility with diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), may need very different care, depending on their life experiences. These life experiences are the story that these patients are playing out. Ignoring the differences in these stories results in the provision of sub-par care that is not truly responsive to the needs of the individual patient.

[...] On a more positive note, this author is confident that his life experiences, nursing philosophy, knowledge, charisma, and honest enthusiasm for this type of work will help him to find the employment that he seeks. Despite the myriad challenges noted above, being a new RN seeking hospice employment may be a certain advantage, in terms of standing out from the crowd. Getting noticed is definitely a first step towards selling one's self. Being noticed for being a bit outside expected parameters is not a new experience for this author, and can work to one's advantage when one is able to build upon that notice with a conversation about why certain unique attributes make one perfect for the position in question. [...]

[...] This speaks to the component of the oft-referenced and science of nursing.? It has become obvious to this author that the proper care for a given patient cannot be determined without understanding the patient's perspective on her care, and her situation in life. Furthermore, Ms. Parse's work brings Role Transition Paper the concept of personal autonomy, an ethic long important to this author, clearly into nursing philosophy, in that the proper outcome for a given situation can only be adequately defined by the patient themselves. [...]

[...] Hospice is a philosophy and methodology of end-of-life care which understands that when faced with terminal illness, patients and their families struggle with difficult questions of what death means, both abstractly and personally, and that one of the biggest nursing needs of people in this situation is to have people available who are willing and able to engage with them in their quest for understanding (Olthuis, Dekkers, Leget, & Vogelaar, 2006). The hospice systems in the United States use a number of methods to provide care, and works in a wide variety of settings, including acute care institutions, long term care facilities, Role Transition Paper patients' residences, and dedicated hospice house facilities. [...]

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