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A study on abnormal attraction

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  1. Introduction
  2. Pedophile vs. Epherbophile
  3. Pedophile vs. Child Molester
  4. The history
  5. Associated features
  6. Theories
    1. Emotional congruence
    2. Neurodevelopment abnormalities
  7. Treatments
    1. Goals
    2. Cognitive behavioral therapy
    3. Group therapy
    4. Clinical imagery
    5. Pharmacological interventions
  8. Conclusion
  9. References

Pedophilia is a term that is loosely used by many people and is continuously confused with other disorders or crimes. A pedophile is a person, who is usually a man, whose sexual interest in prepubescent children exceeds his sexual interest in physically mature adults. Pedophiles are constantly confused with child molesters and epherbophile. An epherbophile is an adult that is attracted to postpubescent teenagers ages 13-17 years of age. A child molester or sexual offender against children is any adult who has had sexual contact with a prepubescent child. The difference between pedophiles and epherbophiles is merely an attraction issue. In the text book attractiveness was discussed and although a baby face is considered attractiveness the female body is more attractive to males. It has been found that there is a desired waist to hip ratio when talking about attractiveness.

[...] Child Molester A child molester can be a pedophile but a pedophile is not necessarily a child molester. A child molester has come into sexual contact either by actual intercourse or just the grabbing of buttock of prepubescent children. A child molester is a criminal but a pedophile isn't. A pedophile is more of a psychiatric disorder that people suffer from. These people are sexually interested in children but may not necessarily act on their interest. Also the reasons for child molesters' actions are not necessarily because of sexual attraction but it can be due to the lack of availability to older partners, to cause harm to their parents (Levay & Valente 2009). [...]

[...] Cambell et al (2001) did a study on this theory to see if this was actually true. They went to a specialist forensic psychotherapy center in north London that provide psychotherapeutic services for sexual deviants and offenders. They reviewed 843 subjects' files out of this were males. Out of the 747 men 159 of them were men who were pedophiles of these men were victims of sexual abuse with 82 of the men being victims of pedophilia. high percentage of male subjects abused in childhood by a female relative became perpetrators. [...]

[...] Levin did a study focusing on this type of treatment. They ?noted that guided imagery, which focuses on the client's ability to feel shame or guilt, may assist pedophiles who are somewhat more treatment-resistant or less guilt prone when apprehended.? (Langevin & Lang 414). The therapists asks the pedophile to imagine an external form of his fantasy. This can be done by drawing or role play but it has to be physically done. This acting out allows the pedophile to rethink their actions and recognize their lifestyle. [...]

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