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An organic nation: Do conventional rearing methods pose a risk to human health?

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  1. Introduction
  2. Possible human health effects
  3. The antibiotic residues in meat
  4. Antibiotic residues in food
  5. Conclusion
  6. References

Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about how food is produced and how its production affects its safety. Recently, there has been growing alarm expressed over the relationship between human bacteria's increasing resistance to treatment with antibiotics and antibiotic residues in meat products. Antibiotics have been used in animal feeds for over 50 years - not only to treat disease but also to promote growth.

[...] Norwegian producers started a project in 1996 to reduce the occurrence of the most common livestock diseases by 25% in 5 years (with a corresponding 25% decrease in the use of antibiotics) and after only 3 years, there was already a 28% decrease in both disease occurrence and antibiotic use. This illustrates that the use of alternatives to antibiotics can produce significant success not only in terms of animal health but also in terms of addressing consumer concerns. As indicated above, antibiotic residues in meat do not pose a risk to human health. Consumers, however, focus on the potential risk that they pose, which [...]

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