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Casein and protein

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  1. Introduction
  2. What is the casein protein?
  3. Properties of casein
  4. Micellar casein vs. calcium caseinate?
  5. How to choose casein
  6. Casein proteins
  7. The egg protein
  8. Nutritional value of egg
  9. The quality of egg protein: Biological value and digestibility
  10. The strengths and minuses of the egg protein
  11. Process for manufacture of egg white powder
  12. Soy protein
  13. The amino acid profile of soy protein
  14. The attack cons of soy protein
  15. Production of concentrates and protein isolates from soybean
  16. The pluses and minuses of soy protein
  17. The negative aspects of soy protein
  18. The beneficial effects on health of soy protein
  19. The supplements made from soy protein
  20. Conclusion
  21. References

In the last twenty years the only protein supplement containing milk protein that was on the market was the calcium caseinate. We did not have much choice as is the case now. Nowadays, with the growing popularity of supplements made from whey, caseinate are old and no longer fashionable. Indeed, nutritional supplements made from whey have greatly advanced through improved extraction processes. It was the same for casein have also benefited from these developments. There are now more than our basic caseinate, preparations of higher quality and not misleading, based on micellar casein or of isolates from milk proteins (MPI). The price trend was also reversed, casein now costs more expensive than whey. It may also be a cause of great success and hype around the whey the companies that sell supplements have any effect on interest in selling the cheapest to produce and can pay big dividends. This document therefore presents the casein at its proper place. I hope it will help you better make your choice and you will find in all these preparations can be complex.

[...] Given the potential beneficial effects on health of soy protein and its components, it seems worthwhile to incorporate soy in our nutritional plan. Further studies are still needed to determine the precise role of soy protein and its various compounds. The supplements made from soy protein In terms of price, they are quite variable depending on the brand and packaging. In France, there are few soy supplements; it has a bad reputation among consumers of nutritional supplements. The packages are often small amounts that the price per kilo. [...]

[...] The manufacturing process of isolates of soy protein makes it possible to keep intact and preserve the active substances such as isoflavones and thus enjoy the benefits of "health" of soybeans. Production of concentrates and protein isolates from soybean Among the substances containing vegetable proteins, there are three types of products: flours, concentrates and isolated. This is the case of soybeans. The defatted flour It initially produces flour 50% of protein from soybeans. The process begins by cleaning seed followed by shelling. [...]

[...] The negative points of the egg protein: A whole egg ultimately brings little protein compared to other food sources such as meat or fish, and egg white or even less interest in using nutritional supplements, egg white powder. The whole eggs contain a lot of fat and cholesterol. If you want to consume large quantities of egg proteins as food, it must be limited to white and get rid of the yellow. It may, however, according to studies, eating without problems one whole egg per day. [...]

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