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Cloning is here to stay

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  1. Introduction
  2. Reproductive cloning
  3. Ronald Munson
  4. The first document case
  5. Cloning controversies and reasons
  6. The dark side of cloning
  7. Genes from different organisms
  8. Conclusion
  9. Works cited

Earth's inhabitants live with a notion that nothing is impossible and the sky is the limit, and as such there are all kinds of concepts born everyday. Some are meant to cause more harm than good, while some are for the betterment of all. Some, even though will advance life, are difficult to understand which brings about controversies and contradictions. One of such is cloning, which I strongly believe the world needs to improve her health as well as her general well being. It is here to stay, I believe, and life depends on it.

[...] I watched the flowers blossom and the trees bear fruit. On this particular occasion I woke up one early morning to see a hibiscus plant bear both white and red flowers. I though something was not right with my sight. How does this sound to you? To me it sounds like playing with nature: which is what cloning is all about. Cloning! I do not know why people find this technology so disturbing. I think there is nothing wrong with this technology. [...]

[...] The most interesting reason against cloning which sounds very lame to me is that of cloned animals being obsessed. Can you count how many obsessed people you see everyday? Let's not go too far, how many obsessed animals do you see everyday? I don't understand how they back up this claim. According to the Human Cloning and Dignity report of July 2002 this technology is also expensive and highly inefficient. Cloning is not even among the first ten most expensive medical research program. [...]

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