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Home health nursing initiatives: Mental health outpatient care

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  1. Introduction
  2. Rice's view on patients suffering from depression and schizophrenia
  3. Monitoring depressive patients
  4. Schizophrenic drug treatment
    1. Administering the treatment
  5. The social and medical benefit of education
  6. The advantages and concerns with psychiatric home nursing care
  7. Ontario's Home Care Program
  8. Conclusion
  9. Works cited

Extending the accessibility of home nursing care for patients with mental illness will greatly improve their health and well being. A psychiatric home care nurse (PHCN) can assist patients with a primary diagnosis of mental illness; in particular, those with a history of not following their treatment plan, those who require frequent hospitalization, those who are otherwise unable to socially function or those who cannot adequately care for themselves will acquire considerable benefit. It is the intention of this project to holistically improve outpatient client-care by providing regular PHCN support to mentally ill patients, thereby offering a substitution for the level of inpatient care received during hospitalization; and as a means to assist or supplement family participation. As such, the paper will act as a project proposal to implement effective psychiatry home care while outlining the potential services to be offered, and surveying similar ongoing community initiatives related to the project. By installing the PHCN program, we hope to offer a bridge to facilitate semi- or fully independent patient living.

Psychiatric home care is expected to provide continuous and comprehensive treatment which meets a wide selection of issues, including medication and treatment, housing, psycho-social skills training, education, health promotion and work rehabilitation [Rice, 2006].

[...] As such, mental health patients can receive home nursing care consistent with the outlined proposal which pre-exists in fourteen CCACs across Ontario. By expanding on the work already performed therein, this project can increase the availability of home nursing care to patients with mental disorders in the province. Home care is able to expand the medical treatment options available to long term health needs experienced by patients. It is a supportive measure which, when used in conjunction to the primary care of a physician, assists in improving the quality of treatment and life of a patient. [...]

[...] Encouraging the promotion of social skills by home care nurses can include the recommendation that patients join ?community alliances? such as accessing mental health resources in the forms of group counseling centers, or locations promoting workplace or social assistance. Effecting the transition toward positive social interaction will facilitate the recovery of patients with mental illness to an acceptable quality of life by preventing further social isolation and withdrawal, and community- based mental health organizations are positive sites to engage in this sort of activity without the unnecessary fear of social stigma. [...]

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