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Insecurity and access to care: “Better to be rich and healthy than poor

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  1. Summary
  2. Introduction
  3. Clinical vignette
  4. Discussion
  5. Social protection system
  6. Administrative barriers
  7. Socio-economic
  8. Renunciation of care
  9. Use of hospitalization
  10. Psychological
  11. Lack of information
  12. Lack of training
  13. Conclusion
  14. Bibliography

In Western Europe, the number of excluded and especially that of illegal aliens continues to grow, along with the globalization of socio-economic and migratory movements. Difficult access to health care for excluded are multi-factorial, they depend on the care system and the patient himself but also the lack of information and training for health professionals. Increase accessibility of the excluded in the system of care involves the development work in multidisciplinary network in which the doctor but the nurse, the social and community network have a key role. If awareness of the problem of insecurity can gradually improve the coverage of the poorest in the country, those living in illegality can move quickly in an emergency, in case of illness. There is an urgent need to better document these cases to alert public opinion and politics.It is well established that social determinants are of major importance for health, both individually and collectively. Regardless of the degree of development of the country of residence, the more one is poor, the more one is sick and it was likely to die prematurely. Corollary: the more one is high in the social hierarchy, the lower mortality, longer life expectancy and in particular the longest life expectancy in good health.

[...] Hassin State of health and care of homeless people in Paris. In: Lebas Chauvin eds. Insecurity and health. Paris: Flammarion 107- Wilkinson RG. Socioeconomic determinants of health. Health inequalities: Relative or absolute material standards? BMJ 1997; 314: 591- Mizrahi Mizrahi Ar Inequality of access to care: cumulative risk and consumption of social care. In: Lebas Chauvin eds. Insecurity and health. Paris: Flammarion 45- Office of [...]

[...] The policy response to this phenomenon, often only repressive, promotes further illegal immigration: humanitarian medical outreach has yet to live beautiful days and it becomes urgent to train "pauvrologues" in our schools. Bibliography 1 Mac Keown T. The role of medicine: Dream, Mirage or Nemesis? 2.ed. Oxford: Basil Blackwell Whitehead M. The Health Divide. London: Penguin Books Marmot MG. Health inequalities among British civil servants: The Whitehall study. Lancet 1991; 337: 1387- S Durieux-Paillard, Figueras Aeschlimann Tuosto-R, et al. Insecurity and access to care: the hospital in Geneva fate of its walls. Med Hyg 1999, 57: 1825- Scott J. Homeless and mental illness. Br J Psychiatry 1993; 162: 314- J. [...]

[...] In contrast, the group's most disadvantaged groups combined barriers to access to care: geographic, economic and cultural. ( 11) alone the language barrier is a barrier size. Patients insecure are poorly informed about their rights and do not feel able to claim. Psychological In addition, insecurity in itself leads to psychological, evolving into four stages ranging from rebellion to abandonment, the ultimate stage where the person loses the capacity to listen to his own body and to act in case of suffering. [...]

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