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Intrinsic asthma

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  1. Introduction
  2. Allergen exposure
  3. The study of Tucson
  4. The study SAPALDIA
  5. Associated diseases
  6. Macrophage activation
  7. Conclusions and therapeutic perspectives
  8. Bibliography

It is widely accepted that asthma is a clinical manifestation of atopy. Specially relevant in children, this concept is less obvious in adults where there is the classic distinction between asthma "extrinsic" (allergic) and "intrinsic" (non-allergic). Intrinsic Asthma is deliberately late third, a female is classic, as well as association with a naso-sinus polyposis, an intolerance to aspirin and lower corti-cosensibilité requiring more frequent to-corticothéra Oral pie. These patients have no history of allergy, skin tests are negative for aero-allergens and concentrations of serum total IgE and specific are low. The majority of published works often lignent however the existence of biological or clinical markers of inflammation-question "allergic" in a broad sense in asthma, even seemingly intrinsic.

[...] Finally, some apparently intrinsic asthma questions likely result of occupational exposure unknown. Macrophage activation The only biological reported in Intrinsic Asthma Study are in favor of a particular cell activation during intrinsic asthma include bronchial infiltration rich cells of the lineage of monocytes / macrophages (recognized by the CD68 marker) This macrophage inflammation is associated with increased expression of cytokines promoting the accumulation of these cells (especially interleukin-3 and Granulocyte- Macrophage Colony Stimulating Factor or GM-CSF). Finally, the GM-CSF receptor (GM-CSFR) is expressed in the mucosa in non-allergic asthmatics. [...]

[...] It may nevertheless con-rise developments pejorative with the risk of acute severe asthma in allergic massive exposures or a severe asthma harder to treat, especially when the foreclosure action are poorly understood or poorly implemented. The non- allergic asthma "intrinsic" has also some special clinics. It often appears in their forties or later. A female is classic, and the association with a naso-sinus polyposis, an intolerance to aspirin and a reduced sensitivity to inhaled treatments requiring more frequent oral corticosteroids. [...]

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