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Comparative study of HIV / AIDS prevention programs in South Africa

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This research aims to contribute to understanding the context in which to place the management of HIV and AIDS prevention campaigns in South Africa. Knowing HIV status can help people take appropriate preventive measures to protect themselves and their loved ones, and ensure access to medical care and social development. This message can be insightful and help decision making, when the health educator who pronounces it takes into account the patient's environment and level of education. It is important to make consider the egalitarian health care system as a whole and to break with the health policy which as based strictly on bio power. Often health policies are aimed exclusively at accessing advanced therapies, and ignore the historical, social, economic, political and anthropological aspects of the individual. This vision creates inequality, and especially frustration and can explain the progression of HIV prevalence in disadvantaged areas. The implementation of projects of health education in collaboration with HIV, accelerates awareness, improves integration into society and facilitates family solidarity. Our study emphasizes the dynamism of NGOs and associations which coordinate the field of preventive actions on the basis of a realistic educational intervention. Traditional healers who also are important players in the design of health among people must be involved in the action because they know how to better meet their fellow psychic.

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