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The nursing profession vis-a-vis the chronic vegetative coma

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During these three years of training, I had the opportunity to work with people who were in persistent vegetative coma in long-stay services and rehabilitation. These situations embarrassed me, putting me uncomfortable and I felt the need to talk. By talking with other nurses, I realized that these patients in services could also put a strain on caregivers. Nurses felt deprived and others did really focus on these people in chronic vegetative states, who were in care for the long term. The situation asked me questions, and I did not taking care of a person without putting in the center of care and without giving meaning to what I do. Furthermore, the nursing practice offers the respect for life and the human person. It respects the dignity and privacy of the patient and the family. In my work, I will try to understand what can cause difficulties for a nurse facing a person in chronic vegetative coma. This can help one continue caring for the person and offer some meaning to care.

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