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Analysis starch in fibre

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  1. Presentation of Cerestar UK
    1. Company profile
    2. Their world production
    3. Policy statement
    4. Location of Cerestar Tilbury
  2. Equipment
    1. Polarimeter
    2. Dryer
    3. InfraAlyser
  3. Reagents and their characteristics
  4. Preparation of solutions
    1. Stannic chloride
    2. Calcium chloride solution
  5. Experiments
    1. The sample
    2. Test of moisture
    3. Analytical procedure
    4. Results
  6. Calibration of InfraAlyser

This document summarizes my training period at Tilbury in England. I chose this place in order to discover the English way of life and to improve my knowledge of English as well. I worked under the supervision of Andy Waterman and Tom Cripps and in collaboration with Renzi Virginie, on a method to determine the percentage of starch in fiber. The test was a very large operation with about 400 samples, in order to calibrate the method. The precision required was high and it was very important for the company that all tests had to be made with the same technician in order to have good and homogeneous results. We used a polarimeter which is used to measure the optical activity exhibited by inorganic and organic compounds.

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