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Composite material failure in aircraft

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  1. Typical aircraft fibre composites
  2. Fiber composite use in aircraft
  3. Composite behaviour under load
  4. Behaviour of composites in high-load and impact situations
  5. Repairability of composite structures
  6. Post-crash safety and handling of composite materials

Some composite materials used in construction of aircraft structures started appearing in late 1930s as well as 1940s. Typically, they used to be plasticity impregnated wood materials at that time, with the well know as well as the largest example being Duramold constructing the eight engine Hughes Flying Boat. The Duramold materials as well as construction methods also got to be used for a few aircraft productions. Interest in the use of fibreglass material developed in the 1940's, in the manufacture for fabrics made of glass fibres. By the time 1960s, there were enough techniques as well as materials already developed for making more extensive use of fibres material possible. Composite is a term that is used for this construction method to means integration of different materials to come up with a single material of lightweight, stronger as well as provide other benefits that could not be achievable with each of the materials being used separately. Fibre composites comprise of fibre reinforced resin matrix. Resin could be epoxy, vinyl polyester or even polyester. On the other hand, the strengthened could be any of the different fibres available such as boron, glass among others.

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