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Compressors: Oil and Gas Field

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  1. Positive displacement compressors
  2. Rotary screw compressors
  3. Dynamic or kinetic compressors
  4. The major compressor elements

Compressors are mechanical apparatus that raise the oil and gas pressure and allow it to be conveyed from the production site, through the supply chain, to the reservoir or the customers. Compressors are grouped into Positive displacement and Dynamic or Kinetic compressors.

[...] The air pressure drops as the air in the tank is used up, and this make the air pressure drop to the pre-set level, which restarts the motor, and the compressor recommences its functions (Guo, and Ghalambor, 2014). Rotary/ vane compressors. Ro-Flo Compressor LLC is a major manufacturer of rotary compressors and its components. HOERBIGER is another Rotary/ vane compressors parts producer. The company has incorporated minimum-pressure valves, intake controls, oil and airline valves and control systems. Rotary compressors lack pistons and crankshafts since they are not reciprocating in nature. The major components are vanes, screws, and scrolls. The rotary compressors are categorised under vane type-lobe type, screw type, and scroll type. [...]

[...] Patent and Trademark Office. Guo, B., & Ghalambor, A Natural gas engineering handbook. Houston, TX, Gulf Pub. Co. Guo, B., Lyons, W. C., & Ghalambor, A Petroleum production engineering a computer-assisted approach. Burlington, MA, Gulf Professional Pub. Iijima, H. (2012). U.S. Patent No Washington, DC: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. [...]

[...] The company offers a broad range of air-cooled heat exchangers available in various designs, models and sizes. The coolers apply to the oil and gas industry compression requirements. Compressor enclosures Compressors use acoustic enclosures. IAC Acoustics manufactures a range of compressor enclosures. The company delivers complete drop-over canopy and modular construction enclosures to ensure the safety of the workers. IAC Acoustics also delivers pre-fabricated drop-over canopy compressor enclosures that are fabricated remotely and delivered. Bibliography Bloch, H. P A practical guide to compressor technology. [...]

[...] Booster compressors are used in fields that experience pressure decline. They are designed for low compression ratio and high throughput rates. v. Vapour-recovery compressors Used to collect gas from low-pressure equipment and tanks in the oil and gas facility. Gas from a vapour recovery compressor is channelled to a gas lift compressor, flash gas compressor or booster compressor for additional compression. vi. Casing head compressors Used with rod pumps and electric submersible pumps in cases where gas is to be separated in the oil wells and get transported where it is desired that gas be separated downhole and transported. [...]

[...] Compressed dryer Various methods can be employed to eliminate moisture from compressed air. The available dryer types are: i. Refrigerant type (cycling and non-cycling) The refrigerant type dryer is the most popular because its dew point output is acceptable in general industrial air applications. The compressed air is passed through the air to a refrigerant heat exchanger for cooling to about the point at which the condensed moisture drains off. The output air is then reheated by the incoming air in the heat exchanger before going into the refrigerant heat exchanger. [...]

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